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Daily Legal Scoop

Sydney woman accused of stabbing American fiancé

Marcela Castaneda is facing New South Wales Supreme Court to clear the charges of murder of her fiancé Gregory Peck last February 2013.


The 33-year-old woman said the incident was out of self defence.  His fiancé became very violent when drunk, and he would pull her hair and grab her by the throat.


The court found out the violence orders against Mr. Peck in 2010 and 2012. 


South Australian driver who killed two men in fatal crash appeals to drive


 crash appeals to drive again

 crash appeals to drive again

crash appeals to drive again

It was Michelle Thiele’s irresponsible driving that took the lives of two men – John Eric Mitchell and Graham Bryant – in separate accidents in Mannum, east of Adelaide. Her driver’s license was cancelled in 2010.

In 2013, she was denied of learner’s permit by the Registrar of Motor Vehicle, which made her attorney, Joana Fuller, question the decision of the committee.


Fuller said her client was "denied procedural fairness" because the registrar and review committee formed an "unreasonable" judgment of Thiele’s capability.


Fuller also defended that her client is asking for opportunity under supervision. Driving instructor Mark Fraser also said that Thiele has improved her driving skills.


However, lawyer for the registrar Anthony Keane said that Thiele can potentially pass the driving test, but her future risk to others is still not known.