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Daily Legal Scoop

South Australia Police Recommends Rated Shackles for Towing Safety

There’s no truth behind the rumors that South Australian police are targeting vehicles or are giving fines to drivers with unrated shackles of a caravan or a trailer when towing.


In fact, the South Australian police are encouraging the public to use a rated D shackle for towing to ensure road safety. They also advise the public to consult tow bar fitting specialists to ensure the tow bars are properly attached and the shackles being inspected. These people also know good D shackles that are used to attach the trailer safety chains to the motor vehicle.


The SA police reminded the public that the safety chains should meet the requirements of AS 4177. Safety chains with weight of 3500 kg must be stamped with the rating information to make sure they meet the requirements. Unstamped shackles are a proof of non-compliance to the law.