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Winning a Will Dispute

Louis Kennedy died at age 82 ,and he left an estate worth $5.5 million divided among his children -- Judy Goldberg and Ronald Kennedy who will receive $50,000 each -- and his second wife Martha. He had a jewellery business in Double Bay.



Judy and Ronald contested the will, arguing that $50,000 each was insufficient for either parties. 


In his will, Louis Kennedy stated that his children from his first wife had approached him only when they needed financial assistance. Both children did not show sympathy.


Judy became bankrupt in 2006, while Ronald became bankrupt in 2004.


The court decided that Judy should receive $800,000. On the other hand, Ronald should receive not exceeding than $400,000.



The judge said: ''In coming to a conclusion as to what is adequate provision out of the estate for Judy, I regard the fact of paternity, the size of the estate and Judy's financial circumstances and poor health as significant in justifying a provision far in excess of what the testator provided.''


In situations like this, you must hire a lawyer who could win a will dispute case.